Information Technology Developers Entrepreneurship Accelerator was established in 2013 to leverage information technologies to bring disruptive change.

We are supporting a new generation of Nigerian digital entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions and business models that make businesses and commerce more efficient, provide new ways to deliver government and social services and help reduce poverty and unemployment.






Fill out our online application form. If you’ve got have a business plan we would love to see that as well.

Teams will be assessed regularly during the incubation process and at the expiration of their membership, IDEA will assess whether they qualify to move into a higher level of membership. Teams that are not accepted into higher levels of membership will be graduated, as would be all teams reaching the end of the acceleration program.
IDEA will remain in touch with its members after they exit the program and continue to offer support in whichever limited way possible.

Teams apply for the program but each team member is accepted individually. This means that each team member is assessed individually at the point of application. All requirements on members are applicable to every individual member of every team.

We will be looking out for different things in reviewing application including: How soon your product can be commercialized, Does your product have the potential to make a big impact in the market

Yes. We are interested in entrepreneurs who are software focused. Our particular interests are mobile, enterprise, entertainment, linguistic, custom programs and business intelligence. We will consider other areas as well and are ready to be excited by your ideas and your team.

We have no specific stage requirements.

We don’t require startups to have engineering founders but we are looking for companies that can make substantial progress on their product within the shortest possible time. If your idea is really good we may be able to recommend other people with the right skills who can join your team.

Absolutely. We are looking for the most promising business ideas wherever they come from. Once accepted into an iDEA centre companies will be expected to relocate to the location of the centre.

We offer programs and training from our Partners, office space, legal and other business support services and priceless guidance from Mentors.




Beyond the provision of space, entrepreneurship training, capital, a significant value proposition of iDEA Nigeria is the ability to expose and connect start-ups to a pool of key mentors and advisors that provide expertise in growing a business.
Through the mentoring relationship, mentors have the opportunity to coach, guide and share experiences, knowledge and skills, which will contribute to the Mentee’s growth. From the mentors’ perspective mentoring gives them the chance to give back and directly influence the prosperity of the next generation of business and organisation.


If you are passionate about helping startup entrepreneurs and you are an entrepreneur yourself, have particular business expertise or a track record of nurturing entrepreneurship then we would love to hear from you. iDEA GEM Mentors are expected to commit an hour or two a month of their time to mentoring one or more startup entrepreneur.


Click HERE to Register as a Mentor.



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Cross River - Emporium C, Tinapa Knowledge City, Tinapa, Adiabo, Cross River State.

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